A New Page

🙂 managed to create a new blog after a long time hesitating until I cant help speaking everything out.
I miss you. Terribly. But I run out of ideas to start a chat (the last talk was once upon a time)
It is funny, huh?! When in my blogs from the first one being created 7 years ago to this new one, all I have been talking about you. Until now I still have yet to figure out what it should be called – my feeling to ya. I just wish I knew exactly what it was, you know, just to get rid of it. Coz nothing can/should happen between us.
Yes I know, the only problem is myself. I feel like I am dramatizing “our” stories (you might even not acknowledge them). I am not brave enough to keep walking with everything left behind.
I have thought of it for many times. Perhaps you are the most likely one to solve my problem. I should admit that I miss you, that I want to tell you my everything like a child to her parents, that I am happy to hear your stories as well even if they are about some pretty girls, that sometimes I hate your cold manner like hell..
But I cant coz I should also admit to myself that I feel none of the above when we chat, and sometimes I find us damn boring I swear.
You see? The problem lies in me. I am a typical Libra who changes her mind and feeling like the weather in my hometown. Therefore I wonder exactly when I will become actually mature.

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