The unilateral-something

Yesterday I read an article about unilateral love. As many other ones I of the same subjects I have ever read, this post urges people to speak out their love.
Haha. I laughed at the writer. Hahahaha
I didnt hate the writer. I wasnt sacastic. The only matter with the writer was that she posted the article at the wrong time.
I did agree with her long time ago. I sent him a message saying exactly like this “I like you, just pure“. Now I laugh at myself hahahahaha. Of course he did not replied anything and of course I highly appreciated his reaction as I stated in a Facebook note a couple of months ago. Thanks to it, he and I are good friends now. (I may use “We” but I feel a little guilty and unfair for him LOL.)
Friendship is a cover I put on my unilateral-something to him.
I never think I deserve him. That is the truth which I have never tell anybody. I am not as pretty as he is. I am not a good sister like his sister is. I am always feeling up and down interchangably.
But thinking about him, I have been trying to improve myself everyday. I behave nicely to people. I am more tolerate, easier and calmer. I become less sarcastic and sharp-tongued.
However, I just want to point out that the writer is not an expert in this field. She cannot urge ppl to risk speaking out. They should firstly compare all the possibilities of being rejected and being accepted. Find which percentage is higher then they will know what to do.
And she should have noticed people: This medication is absolutely not for those who knows for sure the possible answer!

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