My books and movies list

So far my friends who have similar taste with me have recommended me to read and watch the following titles:


1. Don’t leave me alone of a Japanese author – that’s all I know. He told me to read the book without looking up the premise and without any expectation, which makes me want to jump ahead reading it.

2. Into the wild by John Krakaur. My friend told me it was about a youngster who had everything but decided to leave all behind and literally, went into wild life. Sadly, as I read the book cover, he was found dead afterwards. The book thus is a true story based on his life interested and reported by John Krakaur.


1. The Shawshank Redemption – about two men in the prison – again, that’s all I know about it. My friend who suggested the first book above did not want to spoil the movie before I watch it

2. Mulholland Dr. – it is a horror movie. My above friend told me that there was a scene in the movie that made him shed unconsciously. It was curious to know why, wasn’t it?!

3. Chungi Express – another friend who has similar book taste with me rated this movie as the best movie he’s ever watched (he watches a lot). Others told me they did not understand the movie at all. It had been filming in 12 years, so some said it was more like a documentary rather than a consequential movie. The harder it is to be understood, the more I long to watch it.

Normally these 5 titles would not be a big deal for me (or anyone); but for an US law student…. well, WHAT A CHALLENGE! Also, I’m trying to finish four other books that have been lying on my (cosmetics) desk for a while! If you are curious, they are: The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, 1984, The Old Man and The Sea, and South of the Border, West of the Sun.

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