A comfortable Saturday

The beginning of each semester is always a rare good time to have some fun before everybody gets crazy with studying. Today was such a great day!! Overall my weekend was too good! (Sunday is no longer a weekend-day in my schedule:((, but Friday night sometimes be)

Yesterday after finishing class at 7.30 in the evening, Oat and me rushed to  a concert in Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Meet some Thai medical and dental students there, too.

Today morning, snow storm. Snow leveled up to my ankle. Still managed to walk for maybe 3km to downtown attending the Disaster Relief Training. I almost gave up, but thinking of personal creditability, I kept going in the snow on such a quiet Saturday morning. Well, it worth. Never think that lawyers have anything to do with disaster; then realize how shallow I am LOL. That’s the first challenge. My second one was that I did a good job at networking there. Not literally networking for job opportunities or something like that, I just felt happy because I crawled out of my shell, talked to strangers more than just saying “Hi” and talked common stuffs. Did make them actively ask me question, talk to me when I was texting on my phone, gave me card visit and offered to take me home. And it wasn’t hard, was it?! Just being sincere!

Night time! Real weekend! Watched Boyhood with The Two at Campus Theater. A comfortable movie with comforting companies.

I had two good cups of tea at the conference, also.

Now spend a couple of minutes more (pardon me, Skin) to read Murakami’s.

That’s all that makes me happy!

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