Change me

Habits I wanna adopt:

1. Spend $ on experience, not thing

The most difficult goal to make as I love clothing and accessories and everything lady-like 😦 But I’ll tryna to spend on them less.

Instead, I wanna spend on firstly books, concerts, cultural events and secondly travelling.

2. Read book more

I’ve stopped self-acclaimed as a bookaholic. Since Facebook, I didnt do much of reading. What a shame! This is the very habit I bady wanna build!

3. Learn music andpainting

With reading included, learning arts will be a lil bit more challenging considering my current schedule. But I believe if I spend less time online, I can arrange some time for it. The motivation? Reducing my stress!

4. Keep running often

This is what I do the most frequently. Running feels so good for a person with lots of stress like me. I feel proud of myself after every 5k! I wanna do more of this in the coming time.

5. Keep my chin up for a relationship

This I can do nothing about but to keep myself interesting, positive and independent!

I’ll be fine I believe <3<3

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