I’ve had a great weekend!

Yes I did!

Saturday started with two little exams which I did not too bad on. Just as I walked in the door, I received a big smile and a loud greetings from the guy I’ve been hanging out with. During the exam time, one or two other guys in class tried to tease me. It was such a big proud coz then I knew I was lovable! I mean coz I am friendly and always treat people as nicely as I can. It paid off!

I spent the afternoon having lunch with the guy and another classmate. Both of us were just too proud to ask the other out so we needed a 3rd wheel to hang out in a group (I’m sorry 3rd wheel!). We had Bun bo Hue and New Zealand ice-cream. Everything went smoothly and I felt comfortable. Though I have yet to feel any romantic feeling for the guy, I enjoy being treated like a lady. (Hell yea it is addicting!)

At night, I watched a contemporary dance named Hakanai with a colleague. The dance lasted 1 hr and was performed by only one woman. It was a combination of human movement and her interaction with lighting. Pretty creative!

Sunday came. It was a rare Sunday totally at home for me. Mom was out. Dad woke me up and went out till lunch. I did the laundry, swept my area, cooked aloe vera juice, cooked dinner, grocery shopping with Dad, had dinner with Dad, went to spa and now writing this post.

I think of nothing stressful today, keep my head high up strolling round the mall even with a face swollen of acnes.

Im so proud of everything I did today!

Sleep tight,


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