The man who made my days

Our lunch was arranged a month in advance. Totally out of my expectation!

Since that date, I never stopped worrying about what to say, what to ask him as every time talking to him, I was always on the verge of breaking out into tears and did not know how to express myself properly. Yeah you know that when you go see your idol. I had in hands a book about himself that I planned to read yesterday’s night but I couldn’t make it. So I just ended up telling myself to play by ears.

And here the date comes! I am so proud of myself that I finally could convey my thoughts to him in a calm pace today lol.


The following is added more than one year after the post was written:

That day we had lunch at the Educated Sandwich on Market and Capitol Streets. He asked me SO MANY questions that I was not able to finish my sandwich. I brought it back to the office with me and I swear it was the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life! Though now I could not remember what I ordered or how it tasted, I could recall my content when eating it in the afternoon at work haha.

Anyway, more than one year has passed since I had the first and (hopefully not) the last lunch with my favorite Contract Professor! I just messaged him to wish him for Christmas!

Missing Indianapolis and its people a lot!

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