Uber never fails me

Uber will have my vote for the greatest invention of the century!!

For a student living in a place like Indiana where public transportation is sacred and owning a car is impossible, Uber had been of great help. I remembered my first Fall break trip to Chicago, my friend Duong and I got back at midnight at a Greyhound station in downtown. We were only in the States for 2 months by then, hardly knew anybody let alone anyone with a car and kind enough to pick us up that late. Luckily we recalled our host in Chicago used a fancy app to request a car to pick us up the other day. My memory of that moment comes back vividly until now after more than 2 years. I was uneasily listening to my host talking on the phone with some driver, instructing him how to go from HIS PLACE to our place. How could my host know the driver’s location? How could he even know that the driver was going to the wrong direction? I did not remember if he explained to me these things afterward though. Anyway, at the Greyhound station that night, we had Uber as our only choice. We downloaded the app, scanned our credit card and requested an Uber! And bam! “Your Uber is coming in 5 minutes.” It was a pouring  autum night and an app and a stranger saved two little girls in a foreign country. Could anything be more fascinating?

Today was my first Uber use in Vietnam. I requested an Uber for my friend. In Vietnam, you can pay for an Uber trip by cash or with credit card. I didn’t know how to switch from the defaulted  credit card payment to cash. So I told my friend to pay cash to the driver at the end. However, when the trip finished, I was still charged for the exact amount of money that my friend paid in cash. I immediately made a complaint to Uber. I felt a lil frustrated with the dishonest driver and were ready to involve in an oral argument with Uber! Surprisingly enough, in one and a half hour later, Uber sent me an email and stated that they had refunded the doubled charge to my credit card. I never expected a quick service like that in Vietnam, even from big brand like Mango. It was just mind-blowing to me how fast they double-checked with the driver and got back to me with a solution!

I just loved Uber as an app and the company’s professional services! The Vietnamese Uber is no less satisfying!

Attached is screenshot of Uber’s response to my complaint in Vietnamese, saying they had refunded my money. 

Thank you Uber, and please maintain your excellent customer service!


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