2017 plan

The fifth day of 2017 Lunar New Year is passing by.

Back to work tomorrow. Only until now do I have some motivation to sit down and write some lessons learnt in the past year and my plan for the coming one.

Last year

I took up running and made it my habit. Completed the first race ever in my life: Yen So Half-Marathon in January 8th. I would have well finished it in 2:40 but due to bad navigation, I ended up getting lost in the loop. Eventually made it to the finish line after 3 hours running.

Tried hard, very hard, to make reading my daily habit again. I were not able to do much of reading while working at Baker, but afterward, I managed to finish some overdue books like: What I talk about when I talk about running, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.

Relationship with my parents went bad. Mostly because I was knee-deep in my job everyday. My temper went worse. I would easily become mad with them for just anything I felt uncomfortable with. My job is no longer a problem now so figured I could fix it.

My health was terrible. March and April: coughing incessantly despite high-dose medication. From June to November: disgusting hormonal acne all over my chin area. 12 days ago finally decided to take isotretinotin. And worst, I never in my life was so forgetful. Easily could tell stress was the reason for the two latter ordeals.

Tried dating but nothing worked out. Currently talking to no one. Currently feeling for no one. I guess I should put my career first.

Became minimalist involuntarily. Unemployed from Nov 16 till now so I had absolutely no money to spend for things I usually spent on every month like clothing and accessories. Even myself could not imagine that I was able to go through 2 months straight without any new piece of clothing. But I feel so much happier. I am content with what I already have and make every use of them. I no longer have to think what kind of clothing to buy next month.

Used less chemical toiletries. I replaced hair conditioner with beer. Beer brought volume to my hair and made it so much cleaner. I could go for 3 days comfortably without washing my hair. The 4th hair days werent too horrible. There was one time I even made it to the sixth day and my hair was still acceptable if braided.

I also became a minimalist in skincare. My current skincare routine is unbelievably simple: Cataphil face wash, hadalabo lotion for making lotion mask (optional) and hadalabo moisturizing milk. For twice a week, I wear turmeric mask to eliminate dark spots.

Traveled to Hong Kong and Phu Quoc Island. Loved Phu Quoc. Need to write  about the trip soon!

This year

Work hard and never stop learning.

Save money for travelling abroad.

Reduce time online (including Facebook and Quora).

Keep running.

Read more, be focused.

Write blog frequently.

Practice piano.




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