A Friend that Needs to be Unfriended

I have a friend who I have been hanging out with for nearly a decade. We’d been really close. I share with her everything from my family issues to my crushes and my problems at work.

Until two years ago, I found out she disclosed my secret to another friend of us. Since then, I still hang out with her but never consider her a close friend anymore.

Until today, another incident happens and I should reconsider befriending with her. It is just a small thing but it’s a big realization for me about her.

I had a small quarrel with a mutual friend and she said nothing to protect me! Even making me madder by texting some stupid LOL-kind stickers into our group chat.

I realized it was not the first time she did not protect me as a a decade-long friend would have done. I got into trouble with a street vendor and she said nothing to help me out. NOTHING AT ALL!

She is some kind of person who does not want to get involved in anything! Or maybe she is just not good at social skills. I don’t know but I don’t wanna befriend with a person like that anymore. NO MORE. I don’t wanna imagine one day I’m in a life threatening ordeal with she and she just stares at me and let me die.

Why did it take me so long to stay in that friendship?

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