March Resolutions

Set news time to 10am to 10:15 am each day (including facebook checking).

Saving half of my monthly salary each month <= stop buying clothes for the season; & save up to buy high-quality pointed flats and a pair of Levi’s jeans (do not buy cheap stuff that don’t last). Have a big saving amount could allow me to buy gifts for my parents (which I didn’t for a long time) and pay for courses that I’d take (piano, painting and language).

Read book before bed. I felt actually jealous and angry at myself when I overheard two colleagues discussing about a book they’d been reading urggg

Go to bed at 11pm at the latest.

New Year Resolution that I’m doing well on:

Practice yoga frequently at least thrice a week;

Treat my parents gently;

Go to work early and leave on time.

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