He asked and of course I said Yes

I dont have any picture of us today (dunno why we always forgot to capture big moments), I decide to write some words to memorize today.

We went running today. Normally we only do a 2k but today the weather was nice so we pushed through a 5k. Upon finish, he asked me to wait for him to change his shirt and to fetch me some water. It took him VERY long which was unusual but I didnt care too much.

When he got back, I was sitting on a high doorstep. He told me my shoe lace got loose and kneeled down to tight it. I remembered tying those laces super tight earlier. But I didnt see clearly plus he did that many times before so I did not suspect.

Then he looked up to me and said, would I marry him if he proposed with chocolate. A chocolate junkie I am, I happily said “Yes”. He gave me a blue box of Maison Marou chocolate and opened it before my eyes! There was a diamond ring inside!

He told me he would never let me down and would do everything to make me and our children happy. He held my hands while speaking that. And my eyes just kept watering!

I knew he would propose but I got no idea that he did it that way and in that situation. I was completely clueless.

He later explained to me that he intentionally bought a blue box similar to the Tiffany blue box which cracked me up. I always told him about my dream of a Tiffany blue box but we dont have a Tiffany store here so he did that to make me happy.

We should have taken a picture of us with the ring but we were all sweaty then so it’s actually fine. Here’s a picture I took of my ring that also came from a blue box haha

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