1 June to 8 June – 8 days of wonder ( Introductory Part)

I am exciting yet too tired to write about A TON OF THINGS I have got in these 8 days, but I will write as soon as possible!
Here is something I have to remind me to do in June:
Mandatory things:
1. IP book of Professor Xuan Thao Nguyen
2. ‘What I’ve learnt about judging’ of Professor Frank Sullivan
3. Finish ‘The Great Gatsby”
4. Watch: Perk of being a wallflower
5. Research the LL.M. syllabus
6. Ask anh Giang Nam, chi Thao and Prof. Nguyen bout the thesis
7. Register for the pick-up service
8. Buy souvenirs for professors (Ha Dong silk, craft, ornamental)

1. Read ‘The Rain Maker’
2. Read ‘To Kill the Mocking Bird’
3. Read ‘Catcher in the Rye’

Goshh 2 months and a lot of things to do! Be brave!

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