No work anytime soon!

So I decided to stay home for another month, and would look for new job after Tet. Although I really want to work now, my body’s not ready yet. I just started my acne treatment and am considering lasik also. This is the context of my current life.

Now am gonna tell what I do everyday to keep my mood stable. (I have to admit that there are many days or moments I thought I was a BIG LOSER!)

Since I was unemployed, I rather went out meeting people (whom I had not met for a long time due to my busy schedule) or stayed at home reading Quora. On Quora, I would search for questions like “what does it take to become a lawyer”, “leave law behind”, “how is it like becoming a lawyer for a woman”, etc.

One day, reading too much  made me sick literally. I felt headache. I was tired and stuck in bed for the whole day. I just could not stand that anymore. I suddenly remembered a friend of mine, who was unemployed for a long time, said “I often do yoga and sewing for fun”. I immediately jumped outta my bed, turning on my Workout folder on YouTube and started working out with my favorite online trainer Joanna Soh. After a set of work out, I could not believe that my anger went completely away. I no longer felt stuck. I no longer felt like a loser. It could be adrenaline from exercising. It could be the proud of achieving something superseding my self-disappointment.

From that day, I never let a day went without doing some sort of exercises, either ab work-out or running. I must do something physically everyday to keep my emotion in check!

Yesterday, I tried out some new mask recipes learnt from Thu. Today, I boiled frywood water to wash my hair. I also added in some pieces of orange skin. Before washing my hair, I applied a mixture of dissolved vitamin B1 and olive oil to my scalp. These things took not much time but I sure could not do any of them if I was still working. They made me feel feminine and relaxing at the same. (Maybe a bit proud also; who spent time doing these things today anymore?!

I also managed to write this long post also. I think I’m doing great today.

Good night!

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