My significant others

Losing a decade-long friendship has helped me realize my focus in life: my family and my love.

Since my dad retired, he has been very sensitive to criticism and somehow lost his pride. My mom’s and my own contradictory opinions to him which he used to welcome happily now irritates him. His talking nonsense all the time usually makes me and my mom become impatient.

But he really loves me. He cooks me breakfast, lunch and dinner. He cleans my room and picked me up from the bus stop. I know he loves me unconditionally so I abuse it. I yelled at him when he talked nonsense. I became angry with him whenever I disagreed with his ways of doing things.

Only when I had no one left, I came to my parents and felt at ease. They have been a shell for me to retreat into every time I had trouble. They are always there for me while no one is. “Why do I treat my terrible friends so good while taking my parents for granted?”, I asked myself one day. I make a promise to myself that I would treat my parents with more patience and respect the same way they treated me since I was a lil’ girl.

I also have my boyfriend to lean on in this difficult time. He loves me and is very patient with me. I felt so guilty as I was not that patient with him.

I had wanted to break up with him many times in the beginning of our relationship. Every time, he came to see me and asked me why. Hugged me and eased my fragile soul with his sincerity. He said nothing I thought was trivial so I should tell him and we could solve them together. He said we could fix anything if we want to. And I confide in him.

I put more heart and will into our relationship. I love him more as days passed. And I tell myself, I need to be patient with him too. I won’t envy at other rich kids couples. I won’t expect him to buy me expensive gifts or take me to fancy restaurant anymore. I believe he would do everything for me as soon as he is able to.

Sometimes losing someone teaches us to keep other more important people. And I am glad I learn it just about time.

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