What to do in your worst day?

like when you dont know what you would like to do anymore after all that effort pursuing your passion and you suddenly realize it is not what you think it is

like when you came back home after one year and a half and bypassers looked at you, strangers stared at you praising “you are so pretty” and 4 months later you had all that acnes coming out of the blue and do not stop popping up for  6 months on end and you have no idea what is the freakin reason

like when people stared at your face commenting things like “disgusting”, “ew”, “dont you wash your face??”

like when u spent the whole day writing a cover letter but could not finish it coz you arent sure how to make urself sound passionate about the job instead of throwing in something like “well give me the job I’m desperate for money and im f*cking tired of staying home” and not finished, you cancelled the whole day plan, no career fair, no running just because you couldnt finish that shiet

Oh well

Enough of ranting, im gonna take a shower, do some indoor exercises and get my shiet together!

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